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Bitcoin is Rallying Again! Take Advantage of our Expert-tested and Proven Tools and Resources to Trade Bitcoin like a Pro! All trading involves risk!

6 March 2023 | Updated:

Build Sophisticated Trading Strategies in a few Clicks of a Button!

Most of the high-yield bitcoin trading techniques require significant trading skills. This implies that newbies cannot enjoy the same returns as expert traders. Bitcoin Union is changing this by making advanced bitcoin trading techniques easy to implement. Building sophisticated bitcoin trading strategies is easy when our tools are applied.

Our in-depth trading tutorials help you master all the tools within minutes. We also provide a powerful demo platform for testing the strategies before going live. The strategies that perform well on the practice account will likely generate good results in live trading.

Bitcoin Union is changing how we trade crypto!

Crypto trading technologies are growing exponentially, with new trading tools coming up daily. The growth is necessary, given how fast this industry is evolving. Failure to keep up with evolution is a recipe for failure. Unfortunately, the best trading tools aren’t available to newbies. We bridge this gap by offering beginner-friendly bitcoin trading tools and resources.

A Brief History of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first and the world’s biggest digital currency. The bitcoin concept was introduced in 2009 through a publication titled a P2P Electronic Cash System. Bitcoin didn’t gain much until 2014. Its first major boom happened in 2016, when it gained from less than $1000 to nearly $20,000. Many booms and busts followed, with BTC reaching its all-time high of $67000 in 2021. Bitcoin continues to experience major booms and busts, with analysts predicting a huge boom in 2023.

Bitcoin is Rebounding Fast and Could Rally for the Next 2 Years!

Bitcoin is gaining rapidly, having lost nearly half its value in the global recession of 2022. Analysts report that it could recover fully by the end of the year. A full recovery means it trades at its all-time high of $67000. The recovery will be followed by a boom that could push it past $100,000 by early 2024. Traders have an amazing opportunity to profit from the price swings that come with the booms and busts. The Bitcoin Union tools will help you ride the rollercoaster like a pro!

Bitcoin will make history in 2023! This is the year to trade!

Many experts report that a massive bitcoin boom will likely happen in 2023. Bitcoin is already showing strong signs of recovery, with daily gains of up to 20%. The daily gains are expected to double and triple as investors embrace high-risk investments. Expert reports show that most investors preferred low-risk investments in 2022 due to the stagflation-triggered global recession.

The recession has ended, and interest rates are falling. This makes low-risk investments unattractive. Bitcoin is expected to attract huge mainstream attention in 2023 as leading global economies move to regulate it. Mainstream investors are confident in regulated financial products.

Trade with Bitcoin Union on your Smartphone – Trading Begins in a Few Clicks!

Bitcoin Union makes sophisticated bitcoin trading quite easy. We support all traders, including complete newbies. Traders can access our tools and resources through the underlying broker’s web trader, desktop and mobile app. You only need to follow the simple steps elaborated below to get started.



Signing up on the official Bitcoin Union website is easy and safe. We automatically encrypt all user data on registration. Complete the first step of registration by filling out the form above. You will automatically redirect to a local broker’s verification page. Complete the verification as directed.


Account funding

We will redirect you to our partner’s deposit page when you signup. Select a payment method from the provided list and complete the transaction. To get started, you must have at least USD 250 in your trading account. This small investment could grow tremendously if luck is on your side. Grow your account by ploughing back the profits.


Live trading

Applying the Bitcoin Union tools in live trading should be easy. However, you must go through the tutorials to master the settings. Test the settings through the broker’s demo before applying them in live trading. The demo provides a perfect picture of what to expect in live trading.

Bitcoin trading is evolving fast, with new trading techniques emerging daily. Our platform enables newbies to apply these new techniques with ease.

Bitcoin trading can be highly rewarding when the right tools and techniques are applied. Unfortunately, there are few resources to help newbies transition into expert bitcoin traders. Moreover, the few that are available are unaffordable.

Bitcoin Union offers everything you need to become an expert bitcoin trader. Our tools and resources are free and available in 120+ countries. Below are the features that give Bitcoin Union a competitive advantage.

Superior trading results

Bitcoin Union tools and resources have been subjected to rigorous testing by third-party experts. The results are amazing. We are ranked among the best trading resources platform for bitcoin trading. These results are supported by the amazing reviews from our happy clients.

Easy to use for newbies

Bitcoin Union makes sophisticated bitcoin trading easy. We do so by providing tools to make trading research easy and fun. Most of our tools offer game-like features to make bitcoin trading exciting. Moreover, all our trading tutorials and resources are in layman’s language. Users find them quite easy to follow.

Affordable minimum trading capital

Bitcoin Union is the most affordable bitcoin trading resource centre. We offer our tools and resources on a free license. As stated in our fee guide, we only earn commissions on profitable trades. This is awesome, given that our closest competitors charge annual license fees of up to $5000.

Available in over 120 countries

Bitcoin Union is available in 120+ countries globally. We operate internationally through partnerships with brokers. All our partners have licenses to operate in at least five jurisdictions. We only operate in countries where we partner with a regulated broker. Always treat the partner broker independently and do your due diligence.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I earn profits from bitcoin trading?

Bitcoin trading is among the most popular methods of making money online in 2023. Many ordinary people have tried bitcoin trading and made it. But this doesn’t mean that bitcoin trading is risk-free. Many traders have also lost money through bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin volatility is unpredictable, and hence no trading results are guaranteed. Trading this digital currency involves high risk. Traders must always evaluate their risk tolerance and only trade with what they can afford to lose. Starting with little capital and ploughing back the profits is the best strategy for growth.

Is bitcoin trading a good bet for beginners?

Bitcoin trading has gained massive popularity among ordinary people. At least 60% of bitcoin traders do not have any prior online trading background. But this doesn’t prevent many traders from achieving amazing results. But not all bitcoin trading methods are for beginners.

Most of the trading methods that aren’t beginner-friendly yield the best results. We provide the resources to help newbies master these methods fast. You can access our resources for free by signing up on this page.

How do I determine the best bitcoin trading app?

Identifying the best bitcoin trading app is hard, given the many unreliable platforms in the market. There are over 300 bitcoin trading platforms today. Most of these platforms have very bad ratings. Moreover, many have been flagged as fraudulent or unsafe. Traders must always be cautious when selecting a trading platform.

Bitcoin Union offers access to unique bitcoin trading apps and platforms. You are linked to a local bitcoin trading partner on signing up with us. You can only use our trading tools and resources through the brokers assigned from this website.

Do I need to analyse price charts when trading bitcoin?

Price trend analysis is the most popular bitcoin trading technique. This technique involves a rigorous analysis of historical price patterns for insights. The analysis aims to capture cyclical price trends and capitalise upon them.

Cyclical price trends tend to repeat when the market conditions are similar. The Bitcoin Union tools and resources help you easily implement the price trend technique. Our tools allow you to build trades based on current or expected market events.

How much do I need to trade bitcoin?

Some brokers have a minimum trading capital requirement of as little as USD50 for bitcoin traders. However, you need to invest a significant amount to get good results. You are likely not to achieve any substantial results if you start with very little capital.

Most experts recommend starting with at least USD 250. Many successful bitcoin traders started with less than $500. The CFDs brokers connected from this page offer leverage to help you grow your small account fast. Also provided are tools to help you calculate how much to reinvest. You can automate the reinvestment process.

What do I need to start trading bitcoin?

Therefore, Bitcoin is the most affordable asset to trade and is quite popular with retail traders. You can start trading this digital currency with as little as USD 250. Trading platforms like those assigned from this page help you automate reinvestments for fast growth. Starting small and reinvesting the profits is the safest way to grow your account.

You only need a smartphone or a desktop/laptop to start trading bitcoin with us. Register on this page and complete the setup to start trading. Our trading tools are for you if you are a newbie interested in bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Union turns newbies into pro traders! Try your luck today!

The best bitcoin trading techniques have always been out of reach for the beginner. We are on a mission to bridge this gap. Bitcoin Union resources make advanced bitcoin trading extremely easy. Beginner traders can master the basics of advanced bitcoin trading in less than a day of practising with our tools. Bitcoin Union is a legitimate resource centre for all your bitcoin trading needs.

For more information, you can reach out to us via the Bitcoin Union contact page.

Bitcoin Union Highlights

🤖 Provider Type Crypto
💰 Withdrawal Fee None
💰 Software Cost Free
💰 Trading Deposit $250
📊 Type of platform Web-based, Webbrowser
💳 Deposit Option PayPal, Wire Transfer, Credit Card
🌎 Countries All – Except USA